DIY birds from felt

These cute birdies can be a great toy for your kid. They can be carried easily in the pocket and you can take them with you whenever you go. For the babies you can make a mobil toy with these birds. You can even make a keychain from them or decoration for the Christmas tree.
Handmade invite for a children’s party

A unique and handmade invite for a children’s party you can make easy and without any special skills. A good idea is to invite the whole family to help you, so all of you can have some fun.
DIY gazebo from sunflowers

If you want to make a cozy and funny place for child’s play and relaxation, which is close to the nature, the next idea is perfect for you.
You can make a gazebo in the garden from sunflower stems.
How to make a bed from pallets

If you like the natural and cheap furnishing, we have an interesting solution for you. You can easily make a bed from pallets, known also as europallets.
Idea for kitchen chocolate baskets

If you want to surprise your guests with something pretty and unique, the next idea is perfect for you.
The chocolate baskets are ideal solution for a desert after a nice lunch or dinner.