DIY angel from paper

With the help of some paper, scissors and glue you can create very easy and fast your own angel. Give joy to the people you love by gifting them a winged angel buddy for protection.
Idea for home flowerpot from clothespins

The spring is the most beautiful season when the whole nature wakes up from its winter sleep. At this time of the year we witness some of the most gorgeous colors and mesmerizing aromas.
If you like flowers and want to refresh your home, the next idea is perfect for you – make a colorful flowerpot from clothespins. You can even ask the kids to help you.
DIY manicure made with sponge

Every self-respected woman take care for her manicure. The finger nails have to be in perfect health and to look good, even spectacular. For that reason, we suggest to make a beautiful manicure with sponge and some acrylic paint. The idea is easy and won’t take you much time.
DIY refresh high heels

A nice idea for those, that have favorite pair of shoes which heels look awful. If your high heels don’t look good anymore, but they are one of your favorites and you are not ready to trash them, don’t worry, we will give you some tips how to refresh their look.
Idea beautiful slippers for the summer

The most ordinary rubber flip-flops you can transform into elegant summer slippers with minimal effort and some spare time. You can decorate them with everything you want, everything is up to your imagination. You can create some really beautiful and unique slippers.