recipes for dense and pretty lashes

Which woman doesn’t want to have beautiful, dense and long lashes? Having them will attract male attention and make you even prettier. Sound good, right?
DIY Homemade scrub against stretch marks

The stretch marks were and are a problem for a lot of women. The rapid loss or gain of weight can make worse the look of the skin. For example, if you are pregnant or have hormonal misbalance, you can get really nasty strips, which sometimes are difficult to remove or even impossible.
Idea - roll from salami cheese

We offer you one very delicious idea which will be loved from the whole family. Check out how to make a roll from salami and crème cheese.
DIY Paper dahlia

The flowers are one of the most beautiful things for decorating our homes. If you have enough spare time, with minimal effort you can make one paper masterpiece. Make a great, handmade paper dahlia, which will help you to bring not only color, but a cozier atmosphere in your home.
DIY birds from felt

These cute birdies can be a great toy for your kid. They can be carried easily in the pocket and you can take them with you whenever you go. For the babies you can make a mobil toy with these birds. You can even make a keychain from them or decoration for the Christmas tree.