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DIY swing from а car tire

If you have an old car tire, don’t trash it, because you can give it a new life. The tire can be great material for the making of a nice swing.
This easy and sturdy in the same time construction you can place in your villa or house yard. The kids would love it and will use it a lot.
DIY garden flowerpots from towels and cement

The creeping and potted plants are loved by many people. Stone vases, pots and hanging flowerpots with aromatic flowers can be seen all around us, giving beauty to balconies, porches, gardens and even walkways.
Do you want to make one cozy and pretty place at the yard or in your home? Today, we are going to introduce you one very interesting idea.
Idea for homemade Raffaello pralines

The Raffaello pralines are one exceptional chocolate thing and most of us know their taste well. Often we buy then as a gift, not only for our personal indulgence. To made the pralines at home is not so difficult. The people that tried the recipe claim that the final results is even better than the one you can buy at the store and of course, it is cheaper.
Idea for homemade chocolate truffles

Do you like chocolate truffles? Did you know that you can made them easily at home? Today we are going to show you a delicious recipe for homemade chocolate truffles that you can do at any time for your kids, guests or for the whole family.
Idea for zucchini cake

Did you ever tried something with zucchini, like meatballs for instance, but instead of mangled meat, you add zucchini? And what about a cake with zucchini? No, we aren’t joking with you. Actually, the zucchini cake is something delicious and now we are going to show you how exactly to do it.