Idea how to arrange the lids of the kitchen utensils

The kitchen cabinets never have enough space. Yes, some housewives, keep them in perfect order, but let’s be honest – most of the time we don’t have any time or energy to arrange them, especially if we cook often.
Today we are going to show you one very simple and easy to do idea, which will help you to get the kitchen chaos into order.

clean easily horizontal blinds

Cleaning horizontal blinds can be very hard, annoying and unpleasant and that’s why we constantly delay if for another time, but the dust keeps adding and must be cleaned at some point.

Idea rose from a bouquet

Over the year there are a lot of holidays which means that a lot of flowers would be cut off, arranged, gifted and… destroyed. You had a beautiful bouquet of roses and you want to keep the magic and the memory for a longer period of time? Well, today we will teach you how to grow a rose from a bouquet.

Homemade body lotion

We live in a time when we care a lot more what we are eating, to be healthier, it is a good idea to check with what we are ‘feeding’ our own skin (which is the biggest human organ). For that reason, we have to take into consideration the ingredients, that we use to nurture our skin. If you look at the back of the body lotion bottle and read the ingredients, you will get dizzy of their number and names, most of which are unknown for you.

homemade soap with coffee

To make a homemade cosmetic is not that hard anymore – the organic ingredients are easy to find and the manufacturing process takes only a couple of minutes.
You can find a lot about the qualities of the coffee and its beneficial influence on the skin, so we are just going to remember that the ground coffee is perfect for skin exfoliation.