12 useful tricks in the kitchen

Practical housewives do not have time to waste in the kitchen, so we will reveal some secret tricks that will make your life easier and make cooking more enjoyable.

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1. How to cut the cake into perfect pieces?

Use a hot knife for this purpose. Keep the knife under a stream of hot water for about 1 minute, dry it, and cut the cake into perfect pieces. Repeat several times if you need to cut the whole cake.

2. How to find out if an egg is fresh?

Put the egg in water. If it sinks, then it is quite fresh, and if one end rises slightly - it is not so fresh, but it is still edible. However, if the egg floats, then throw it away.

3. How to prevent the hardening of brown sugar?

Place a piece of bread in the container in which you store the brown sugar. By doing so, you will keep its great look.

4. How to make gluten-free breadcrumbs?

To make healthy gluten-free breadcrumbs, use brown rice cereal and flavorless gluten-free bread crumbs as a base to grind in a food processor.

5. How to easily separate the corn kernels from the cob?

You need a round cake pan with an open funnel in the middle. Put the cob in the hole and remove the grains with a knife. Another plus is that they will fall straight into the cake pan and will not scatter around.

6. How to keep spices fresh?

Chop the leaves of fresh spices and put them in ice cube trays. Cover them with olive oil. When you need it for cooking, take a frozen cube and put it in the pot where you prepare the dish.

7. How to make strawberries sweeter?

It sounds astonishing, but if you sprinkle the strawberries with a little black pepper, you will feel that they taste much sweeter.

8. How to keep the rest of your guacamole green and fresh?

The main ingredient in guacamole is avocado, which turns from green to brown after standing for a while. To prevent the surface of the bowl from oxidizing, carefully pour a little water on top, then put a lid on top. Before serving, pour out the water and serve.

9. How to quickly heat eggs at room temperature?

Most recipes require that the eggs for them are not directly from the refrigerator, but at room temperature. Very often, we forget to take them out of the fridge in advance, and we get angry and wait for them to warm up, or we use them directly, and the dishes just don't turn out great. Here's how to deal with the problem! Remove the eggs from the refrigerator and place them for 5-10 minutes in a bowl of hot water. Ready!

10. How to freeze ready-made broth?

You can freeze in ice molds the remnants of broth, which is prepared for a dish - vegetable or meat. This way, you will know that you always have a delicious broth in the freezer.

11. How to keep the snow-white color of rice?

During cooking, add a little vinegar to the rice - this way, you will keep its color snow-white.

12. What is the easiest way to peel almonds?

To easily peel the almonds, it is necessary to boil them for 5 minutes beforehand, then cool the nuts in cold water.

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