Clever idea how to arrange the lids of the kitchen utensils

The kitchen cabinets never have enough space. Yes, some housewives, keep them in perfect order, but let’s be honest – most of the time we don’t have any time or energy to arrange them, especially if we cook often.
Today we are going to show you one very simple and easy to do idea, which will help you to get the kitchen chaos into order.


The lids of the kitchen utensils often come in awkward forms and most of the time we think where to put them, so they won’t take so much space. Very often they make a lot of mess in the cabinets and when we open the door, we have the feeling that they will fell on us.

Thank God, there is very simple and cheap solution to this problem. You will have to buy some clothes hangers from the local home supplies store and mount them on the inside of the cabinet doors. We suggest to buy from these hangers, that can be mounted with sticking or you will have to drill and the kitchen cabinet doors are not so thick and you can easily damage them.

If you think that this is too complicated, just call for a help. First, apply and test fit the lids on the doors, then do the same with the hangers and mark where you will mount them. You won’t have to take very precise measures; rough ones will be good enough.

Based on the size of the lids and the size of the doors you will have to decide how to place them on the hangers and how much. Keep in mind that you will have to place the lids properly, so they won’t touch the shelves. And that’s it – now your kitchen is one idea less chaotic and arranged better.

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