How to be happier

"Happiness cannot be traveled, won, carried, or possessed. It is the inner feeling that a person has when he lives full of love and gratitude every day "- Dennis Wheatley

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Everyone measures happiness differently, but we often forget that it is a fire that must be kindled - by expressing love, self-care, laughter, and positive thoughts. Here are some more tips on how to be happier:

Appreciate the small things

Very often, we do not notice or appreciate enough the small things or moments that bring us happiness, taking them for granted. It sounds trite, but the truth is that these are the most important things in our lives.

Expand your social contacts

Good relationships with family and friends contribute to a happier life. These relationships help build self-esteem and respect for others. They also help to overcome difficult moments more easily, and sharing successes brings a sense of security and happiness.

Be active

Physical activity is useful not only for our health but also for our mental comfort. Walking, cycling, even climbing stairs could improve our mood.

Gain new skills

Sometimes routine is depressing, so try to diversify with something new that gives you pleasure and makes you happy. This can be the acquisition of a new professional qualification, a culinary course, painting, a new sport, or something else.


"Being angry for a long time is like catching hot coals to throw them at someone else - you are the one who gets the burns" - this Buddhist wisdom is quite true. By forgiving people, the likelihood of depression, hatred, anger, or anxiety is minimal.

Don't compare

Do not criticize yourself and do not compare yourself with others. Set realistic goals and be consistent. Small failures are a part of everyone's life, so focus on your own qualities and be more lenient with yourself when things don't happen exactly the way you want them to.

Be a part of something big

Be part of a community, of something bigger than yourself. Happy people find purpose and meaning in their lives - work, family care, shared hobbies. A sense of belonging eliminates anxiety and stress.

Help others

When you feel sad, you usually think only of yourself. Other people's happiness usually fills us with a positive mood and makes us forget the small worries, so help others and share their happiness.

Solve your problems

Do not delay solving your personal problems, but act. This will make you much calmer and happier.


Rest is important for our good mood, so take time to relax - good music, book or movie, walks, short and long trips, beauty treatments, and cultural events. These activities unlock the hormone of happiness, so be sure to enjoy every day, no matter how busy your schedule.

Stop waiting for happiness

Stop waiting for happiness - create it! You have one life and one chance to be happy. Sometimes happiness is right in front of you, so look around and open your heart to it. Think positive and don't waste time in gloomy thoughts.

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