Let’s make curtains in Ombre style

Coloring with the Ombre technique is very impressive. In simple, this is an effect that changes the color at every stage from one shade to another. With this style you can change your whole room decoration and even your accessories.


The Ombre looks exceptionally well on textile – pillowcases, tablecloths, curtains but of course you can use it to color also shirts, dresses and skirts. The curtains in Ombre style will transform your room interior, adding more lightning, air and of course – good mood.

We will give you great idea on how to color the curtains in Ombre style. Are you ready to make your hand more colorful? Right, let’s begin!

Curtains: You will need white curtains, that need to be washed before starting the coloring process. It will be better if you pick curtains from flax, cotton or silk.

Paint: Today we can find on the market a lot of different textile paints. They can be acrylic, for batik and so on. Just pay attention for what fabric is the paint made for and how to use it. You can use natural paints if you prefer and have laying around your house.

Painting: Put the desired paint inside a basin or other deep container. The paint has to be enough that the curtain would dip inside without a problem. On the image below you can see how much time you have to keep the curtain into the paint. Keep in mind that the curtain has to be dipped on parts and you have to take it off after some time. The bottom part of the curtain has to be with the darkest and brightest color.

The final results are amazing, right?

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