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diy handmade paperweight

An idea to get creative with the children.  To make a paperweight together in your home is not that difficult. On the contrary, it is very easy and will become unique. So, get the required materials and don’t waste any time.


Decorative figure;
Waterproof glue;
Sparkling particles;

diy handmade paperweight 01


Pick a nice jar, wash it and dry it well. Glue the decorative figure to the inside part of the cap and let it dry well.

diy handmade paperweight 02
Put the sparkling particles into the jar and pour some water, but not to the top, because the figure will take some of the space.

diy handmade paperweight 03 diy handmade paperweight 04a diy handmade paperweight 04

Glue carefully the inside part of the cap, the turn it around, dip the figure into the jar and close. If you want, you can decorate the jar.

diy handmade paperweight 05

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