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DIY paper butterflies

Most people like these gentle, ethereal and magnificent creatures – the butterflies. We won’t pursue you how much better your home would look if you make some paper butterflies. The idea is easy to make and can intrigue even the kids.


Colored paper;
Colored fluffy twigs (staples);

DIY paper butterflies 01


Cut two rectangles from different color papers and start folding them as a harmonica. Put together the two parts, pinching them with fingers. Take one fluffy twig and fold it in two from the middle of the butterfly. Wrap the ends of the twig and form the butterfly’s antennas. Then spread out the parts and form the butterfly’s wings.

DIY paper butterfliesDIY paper butterflies

The same way you can make more butterflies in different colors. When you are done, you can decorate the shelves, the walls, the curtains, the windows and even the children’s room.