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idea tutu skirt from tulle

The tutu skirt is suitable for different parties, carnivals, children’s holidays, birthdays, weddings, photo sessions and so on. The little ladies would be delighted if they have one in their dresser. So we decided to give you one suggestion for an easy and quick tutu skirt, and the best part is that you won’t even have to sew at all.


Tulle (with medium hardness), you can also use organza or net;
Flat wide ribbing, around 2-2,5 cm;
Wide satin strip for decoration.

How to make the skirt:

First, you have to separate the length of the skirt. To do that just measure from the child’s waist to the place that you want the skirt to end. After that prepare the ribbing. Its size has to be around the waist diameter, but make sure to subtract 2,5-3 cm, so the skirt won’t fall freely.

idea tutu skirt from tulle

Cut the tulle on strips with width around 20 cm (you can also buy rolls with this width).

idea tutu skirt from tulle

The length has to be twice the length of the skirt, plus 3 cm that will go for making a knots. You will need around 50 strips from tulle with size 20 on 50 cm or more, so the skirt would become fancy. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

idea tutu skirt from tulle

Fold the strips on two and tie them to the ribbing as it is shown on the images below.

Important: Don’t tight the fabric to the ribbing.

idea tutu skirt from tulle

idea tutu skirt from tulle

If you use a couple of colors, leave a place for them on different spots and tie them the same way.

idea tutu skirt from tulle

tutu skirt from tulle 08

tutu skirt from tulle 09

Align the ends of the skirt, you can sharpen them if you want. At the end just decorate with the satin strip and your tutu skirt is ready. Go make your child happy with it.

tutu skirt from tulle 010

idea tutu skirt from tulle

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