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DIY Homemade scrub against stretch marks

The stretch marks were and are a problem for a lot of women. The rapid loss or gain of weight can make worse the look of the skin. For example, if you are pregnant or have hormonal misbalance, you can get really nasty strips, which sometimes are difficult to remove or even impossible.

For that reason, today we decided to show you how to get rid of the stretch marks and the cellulite in the comfort of your home in a very harmless and cheap way.
The things that you will need for the homemade scrub you can find in your kitchen cabinet. So prepare them and do the wonderful mixture, that will help you to look even better for the summer.


250g sugar;
250g salt (sea salt would be better);
Half a glass cooking oil.


In a cup mix together the sugar, the salt and the oil. Stir well until you get a nice, smooth mixture and then use it on your body. Massage it into the problem areas. After the procedure you will have to put a moisturizing cream or a body lotion.
The homemade scrub has to be used regularly for a month. After a while you will see yourself that the stretch marks and the cellulite will start to disappear. But don’t stop using the scrub after you see some slight results. With it you can totally remove these nasty skin imperfections, just use the scrub regularly and don’t give up.