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Easy home exercises for abs strengthening

You don’t have enough spare time to hit the gym, but you want to be in good shape, so you decided to exercise at home? This is great!
We won’t write about sport training and diets, because this is whole another topic, but be sure to understand that the great body shape is a complex of healthy and right diet and constant body exercises. Without these two key components, you can’t get the desired results, no matter how hard you try.

The fats around the stomach are another signal for a bad diet and eating habits, but if you cut the bad and junk food, we can give you some effective exercises for abs strengthening and get into good shape. You will need only a few minutes daily and a floor mat. Some of the exercises you can even do in your bed. The important thing is to learn how to make them properly to be sure that you won’t do any harm to your body.

If you don’t know how to do an exercise, you can speak to a personal trainer or seek help online. Good idea is to watch in YouTube how every exercise has to be done and learn from the videos.

The reps for every exercise depends on your agility, muscle training and overall motor skills. If you were immobilized for a long period of time you have to take it slow and start with only a couple of exercises and reps and increase them with the time. Be careful and watch not to hurt yourself.

So, there are the promised exercises for abs strengthening:

1. Let’s begin with something easy – ordinary crunches. Take the position showed on the image and move the upper body part (the chest to your knees). There is no need for wide angle while doing it. This exercise is for the upper part of the abs.

Easy home exercises for abs strengthening

2. While laying fold the knees to make a right angle and lift up slightly the chest towards them, as it is shown on the image. For more precise exercise you can watch a video, just search for knees up crunch.

Easy home exercises for abs strengthening

3. The crisscross exercise will help you to move even bigger area of your abs. Don’t forget to give yourself a rest between every repetition.

Easy home exercises for abs strengthening

4. Gather your feet and lift them up, so they can form a right angle with the rest of your body. Then lower the feet down, but not the whole way. This exercise if for the middle and bottom part of the abs.

Easy home exercises for abs strengthening

5. It is time to move the side parts. Lay down in the showed on the image position, lift up the top part of the body and in the same time try to touch your left sole and then the right one. Repeat a couple of times.

Easy home exercises for abs strengthening

6. And for final you can do flutter kicks. They are slightly harder than the other exercises, but the results are incredible. You must do kicks in the air and it is for the lower part of your abs. Look at the image to have a better idea how to do the exercise. The difference with the crisscross is that your feet move only vertically and they do not cross.

Easy home exercises for abs strengthening

Take a couple of minutes to exercise every day, watch what you eat and your body will be grateful by making you be in a great shape and be in a better health.

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