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Idea for homemade chocolate truffles

Do you like chocolate truffles? Did you know that you can made them easily at home? Today we are going to show you a delicious recipe for homemade chocolate truffles that you can do at any time for your kids, guests or for the whole family.


Butter – 50 gr.
Powdered sugar – 50 gr.
Egg yolks – 2 pc.
Liquid cooking cream – 100 ml.
Chocolate – 300 gr. (or three 100 gr. milk chocolates)
Powdered cocoa


You must prepare to make two different mixtures. The first one is with the butter and the sugar – you have to mix them well together until they form fluffy cream, then add the yolks one by one.

The other mixture is the melted chocolate one. You must do it under water bath. Until you wait for the chocolate to melt, you can boil the liquid cream and add it to the first mixture and mix well until everything start to look smooth. Add the vanilla. The chocolate should be melted already – add it to the other ingredients and mix well again. The whole mixture has to be chilled in the fridge.

After the mixture has become hard, you can start making the truffles. Form a ball and cover it with the cocoa. Of course, you can add desiccated coconut or crushed nuts or anything else that you like. After that you can arrange the truffles into something and start enjoying the taste.

Idea for homemade chocolate truffles

Idea for homemade chocolate truffles

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