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Idea for homemade Raffaello pralines

The Raffaello pralines are one exceptional chocolate thing and most of us know their taste well. Often we buy then as a gift, not only for our personal indulgence. To made the pralines at home is not so difficult. The people that tried the recipe claim that the final results is even better than the one you can buy at the store and of course, it is cheaper.


Liquid cream – 90 ml.
White chocolate – 3 pc. (or 300 gr. white cooking chocolate)
Hazelnuts or almonds – baked, whole nut
Butter – 50 gr.
Desiccated coconut


The chocolate must be melted, so we must prepare dishes to make water bath melting. Before that we must heat the liquid cream. After that we pour it in the container for the water bath and add the chocolate. When the chocolate starts to melt we have to start mixing until we see smooth mixture. After that the butter has to be added and we keep mixing until it melts. When again the mixture become smooth, we have to put it in the fridge to cool off.

With the chilled mixture we have to form balls. In the center of the ball there must be a nut, covered nicely with the chocolate mixture. After that the nicely shaped ball has to be rolled in the desiccated coconut. When all of the pralines are ready we have to cool them off in the fridge again, especially if the weather is hot.

Idea for homemade Raffaello pralines

If you have wafer crusts, you can put some under the nut, before covering with the chocolate mixture. But even without it, your Raffaello pralines are going to taste exceptional. If you want to arrange them nicely, you can buy paper praline wraps and put the pralines into them to gift them or just surprise your guests.

Idea for homemade Raffaello pralines

Idea for homemade Raffaello pralines

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