diy cheap toys for the cat

You bought a lot of expensive toys and entertainments for your cat, but your pet is mesmerized by the simple cardboard box that is laying around or from some piece of paper on the floor? Well, this is something typical for the cats.
But we are going to give you some ideas, which are going to save you a lot of money and your cat would appreciate them well, because they will keep it entertained.
Idea watering while nobody is home

Here we are going to give you an easy idea for homemade sprinkler system that you can use when you are not at home.
Smart idea organize the desk money clips

As every modern person you probably have a lot of hi-tech gadgets on your desk that you use on everyday basis.
Digital camera, smartphone, flash drives, portable hard drive and so on… The list can be very long.

clean easily horizontal blinds

Cleaning horizontal blinds can be very hard, annoying and unpleasant and that’s why we constantly delay if for another time, but the dust keeps adding and must be cleaned at some point.

Idea rose from a bouquet

Over the year there are a lot of holidays which means that a lot of flowers would be cut off, arranged, gifted and… destroyed. You had a beautiful bouquet of roses and you want to keep the magic and the memory for a longer period of time? Well, today we will teach you how to grow a rose from a bouquet.