DIY: How To Water Your Plants When You Are Not Home

Here we are going to give you an easy idea for homemade sprinkler system that you can use when you are not at home.

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Idea watering while nobody is home

You must go on a long vacation or work related trip, but you worry for the flowers – you can’t leave your house key to somebody, but especially in the summer you know that the plants need more water. If shortening the vacation is not an option, you might be out of ideas, but we will give you another suggestion.

All you need is a couple of empty bottles, some reading to understand the idea behind this homemade sprinkler system and two-three minutes to do it.

You can use both – plastic or glass bottles, just choose whatever you want or have laying around. You can even decorate the bottles if you want with some paintings, decoupage or something else.

If you are going away from home for a lot of time, try to find bigger bottles. Clean them well and fill them with water. Make some small holes into the cap or just one bigger hole with radius around a centimeter and make another hole into the flowerpot with around 3 cm depth. Then with fast motion put the bottle into the pot. Make sure that the cap is well placed in the pot hole and then fix it even better.

Idea watering while nobody is home

Now the flowers will drink enough water as they need to and you can relax, without worrying about your plants at home. If you liked the idea, you can share it with friends.

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