Handmade invite for a children’s party

A unique and handmade invite for a children’s party you can make easy and without any special skills. A good idea is to invite the whole family to help you, so all of you can have some fun.


  • Cardboard (two different colors, in this case red and blue);
  • Thick thread (you can twist a couple thinner ones, even in different colors if you want more colorful look or you can use some yarn);
  • Scissors;
  • Glue.


Use the cardboard with the first color to cut the card and fold in two equal parts. You can make rounded edges, which will look great with the circular balloon, that you will cut from the other color cardboard. Look on the image below how to glue the different parts and the thread (or the yarn).

Now you have to find a family member that writes beautiful and ask him or her to write down the invites and them you just send them to the guests.

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