6 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Your Air Fryer

There's no doubt that air fryers are fantastic, but if you don't use them properly, your food may fall short of expectations.

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Air fryers fry food without oil, and the list of dishes that can be cooked in them is endless - meat, vegetables, desserts, you name it. However, you won't get the desired flavor and texture from your fryer if you make these extremely common mistakes. Here are six mistakes you make when using your air fryer.

Mistake #1: Overfilling the Air Fryer Basket

Most air fryers have a small basket. Too much food in it can lead to uneven cooking. While it can be tempting to put all the food in the fryer at once in hopes of cooking it faster, you should avoid doing this.

Mistake #2: Forgetting to Preheat the Air Fryers

If you forget to preheat the air fryers, your food will likely be undercooked. Like in ovens, preheating the fryer allows it to heat up so that the food starts cooking as soon as it's in the air fryers. Set the air fryers to the right temperature a few minutes before putting the food. Preheating the fryer prevents the food from becoming mushy.

Mistake #3: Not Cleaning the Air Fryer Properly After Use

Cleaning the air fryer is essential, especially if you use it frequently. Cleaning it after each use can help it last longer. A dirty air fryer is dangerous to both your health and your home. Always wash the basket in hot soapy water after each use.

Mistake #4: Using Too Much or Too Little Oil

Although an air fryer doesn't need oil, you shouldn't hesitate to use a little to grease some items and help them get crispy. For most recipes, 1-2 teaspoons is recommended. If you put too much, you will get undesirable results. Some recipes don't call for oil, and others only need a little. You have to decide on a case-by-case basis. Just don't go overboard with the oil.

Mistake #5: Using Wet Batters

Most liquid batters won't work in the air fryer because they don't fry as quickly in it as they do in boiling oil. If the batter is too wet, it will fall to the bottom of the fryer and burn. Wet batters need to be adapted to the air fryer by making them thicker.

Mistake # 6: Not Flipping the Meat While It Is Cooking

Another common air fryer mistake is not turning the meat while cooking. For best results, turn the meat halfway through cooking to ensure even browning.

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