How to easily and cheaply change the interior of your home

We all know how much the budget suffers from getting a new piece of furniture and decorating a home, even if it is only one room. We offer you several ways to change the look of your home with less money, achieving great results.

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Painting the walls

Painting the walls is one of the cheapest ways to change the look of a room. In order not to get tired of the color quickly, bet on a more neutral one, which will not attract your attention often. For the bedroom, choose warmer and pale shades that have a calming effect - green, pink, blue, beige, etc. In the living room, where you spend more time, you can opt for a brighter color such as yellow, for example. It, combined with appropriate accessories and decorations, will give a fresh and modern look to the room.


The cornices make the room complete. With them, the room will look much more stylish, and do not require much money, and are easy to attach.


Add fresh houseplants to the room. In addition to increasing the oxygen levels in the room, they add freshness, comfort, and style to the home.

Recycling of old clothes

Do not rush to throw away old clothes that you no longer wear. They can be used to cover furniture, put on pillows, even for cleaning. They can also be used to wrap objects and furniture when moving, instead of using stretch film, for example.

Restoration of old furniture

Restoration of old furniture is an extremely profitable solution when we talk about a limited budget. There are many techniques with which you can give new life to already depreciated furniture. However, it is important to adhere to a specific style in the interior. It’s better to always comply with the decorations and other changes to it.

Creating the illusion of more space

Creating the illusion that a room is bigger is not complicated at all. Choose a large rug, put mirrors to reflect the light from the windows, paint the walls in white or other light tones, and choose furniture that is not made of dark wood. This is enough to make a room look significantly larger.

Less is more

Especially when it comes to decorations and trinkets on the shelves. Do not clutter the room with various decorative items. Free up space and use them only as an accent to visually expand the space.


In the famous furniture stores, you will find the most expensive furniture possible. It will be much cheaper to like a model and go to order it from a good furniture maker who will make it. In this way, you will be able to choose, for example, the hardness of the sofa, upholstery in a certain range, mechanisms, etc. Another budget option is to look in second-hand stores. Very often there are some wonderfully preserved furniture in which there are still life.

The bathroom

Sure, a bathroom renovation is expensive, but it is possible to change part of its appearance at a minimal cost. Replace bathroom accessories with new ones. Choose more massive and interesting elements, even change the way the towels are folded. Add a few scented candles for extra charm. You can also hang a themed picture on one wall, for example on the one opposite the door, if space allows. You could also add some artificial ornamental plants.

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