Let’s hide the cables at home

Probably most of you have cable and internet at home. And we bet that you thought a lot how to hide these ugly cables that can make the most beautiful room to look hideous. We hope that you would like the next idea. We are going to present to you one irregular way to hide the cables.


What will be needed:

  • Foamed PVC 3-5 mm (you can use also wooden planks, but the PVC are easier to cut, even with a carving knife);
  • Carving knife;
  • Double-sided tape.

Cut the PVC in the form that is shown on the images below and glue them to the ledge with the double-sided tape. If you don’t have a ledge, you can make one from the PVC by cutting a long strip and glue it to the wall.

Making this will give you some space between the wall and the PVC where you can hide your cables. Look at the images to get a better idea.

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