Almond oil mask for nail strengthening and growth

The fingernails are part of the look of every woman. And as a woman, you probably care to have beautiful hands and nails, right?


We recommend to use an almond oil mask for the fingernails. It will help the nails to be stronger and to grow healthy and long.


6-7 tablespoons almond oil;

Vitamin E solution;

Couple drops of etheric oil from lavender.

Soothing care for the hands and the fingernails for 15 minutes – this almond oil mask strengthens the fragile nails and will make them grow even faster.

How to apply:

Dip a cotton tampons into the mixture and then put them on your fingernails and the skin around them. Let the tampons sit for a while, you can even fix them with some nylon foil, so you can do another job with your hands while waiting for the mask.

The final results are beautiful, strong and healthy fingernails.

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