How to Grow Hyacinths Indoors

Why not welcome the new year with a hyacinth.

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With its pink, white or blue blooms, and lovely aroma, The hyacinth is one of the best flowers to bring cheer and color to your life. Grow it at home! The warmer the room, the faster it starts to bloom.

There are different ways to grow hyacinths:

  • If your pot lacks drainage holes, fill it with a mixture of coarse peat and sand. Then plant several bulbs at equal distances so that their heads protrude slightly above the soil surface.
  • You can plant the bulbs in individual 9 cm diameter pots using a common potting soil mix. When the florets appear, remove the bulbs from the pots and transplant them into another pot, spreading them evenly over the area you have.
  • Hyacinths can also flower in water. Use a special jug that expands upwards for this purpose. The bulb is placed on the surface and the roots in the water below. To prevent them from rotting, drop a small piece of charcoal into the water.
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Whichever method you choose, it is essential that in the initial stage of development the bulbs are in a cool, dark place until the root system is formed - plant them in enriched soil, cover them completely with sand and keep them moist. If this is not done, the plant will not bloom.

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