Tent in the garden – a private place for rest and relaxation

What can be better than to spend the afternoon in quiet and shady place in the garden with your favorite book and a glass of cold drink? The gentle leaf whisper, the cheering birds, the fresh air that smells like herbs and flowers…


From the annoying insects you can save with your handmade tent from curtains, sheets or even mosquito net. And for the kids improvised house like this can be a big joy and a place for all those nice games. You can even let your sleeping baby under the tent, protecting it from the heat and the insects.

Deck chair, armchair or just some big pillows placed right on the grass under the tree trench, over which you placed the curtain or the sheet, beautiful candlestick in lantern shape, basket with blanket and toys and this place would become preferred place for rest and relaxation for adults and kids. In the same way you can place the curtain or the sheet over some rope and fix it with clamps, if there aren’t any trenches nearby.

© Photo by Jean Carlo Emer on Unsplash

Another way to make garden tent is to use iron or plastic hoop. It will be good to find a hoop with larger diameter and to fix on it some fabric or mosquito net. In the upper side of the formed dome you can place hook or rope to move the tent in every cozy place in the garden. Instead of hoop you can use a garden umbrella, old lampshade or bicycle wheel. Even if the diameter of the circle is smaller, you can lengthen it with more fabric which you can fix to the trenches. You can even put a small table in the tent and make it one romantic place for a dinner for two.

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