The modern 3D flooring – pros, cons and price

The polymer 3D flooring is becoming more popular in the home interior projects. In the beginning it was invented as an outdoor (', industrial) flooring, but the big interest into this 3D beauty provoke the interior designers to use it in their projects.


​What exactly is the 3D flooring?

This flooring has a monolith cover, made from synthetic materials. Which type of 3D flooring you will have depends on your interior designer or flooring specialist that you will consult. Don’t skip this part, because most of the polymer floorings are made with industrial purpose and before using them in your home, you have to know that they are not hazardous for interior use.

Before making the decision of having a 3D flooring inside your living room, you must know that one of the flaws is that you can’t mount underneath it a floor heating. Also this flooring is not one of the warmest – it feels like terracotta tiles or even concrete. Another con that can make you think twice is the hard and time-consuming installation of the 3D flooring. The spilling process is slow – it must be done in a couple of layers and each layer need a lot of attention and time to be placed well and then to be processed.

Don’t give up though. The 3D flooring has a lot of pros too.

As a flooring it is very durable. The colors won’t faint, it won’t wear, you can’t break it when dropping something onto it and in case of fire it will be good. The lack of joints is another good thing – you won’t have any problems with cleaning the flooring. It might look slippery, but the 3D flooring has great grip and the change of you slipping is the same as to slip on a wooden flooring. Another great new is that the flooring won’t keep dust, because it is antistatic.

And the biggest advantage – the 3D flooring is original and very beautiful solution for the interior design of your home. The best thing is that under the polymer cover is placed an image, that you can choose. And the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Usually we give you some ideas, but in this case you will have to consult with an interior designer or flooring specialist. This is also our recommendation and we hope that we were helpful.

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